Prince Harry ordered to pay more than 50,000 euros in compensation to an English tabloid

Camouflet. Prince Harry was ordered on Monday to pay 48,000 pounds sterling (56,000 euros) to the publishing company of the Mail on Sunday after losing a round of defamation proceedings against the British tabloid. Among the many lawsuits filed by King Charles’ youngest son against British newspapers, one targeted an article relating to his police protection when he goes to the United Kingdom.

The disputed article, published in February 2022, accused, wrongly according to his defense, Harry of having “lied” and of having “tried to keep secret” his appeal against the government to try to obtain police protection in the country. After a request from the Duke of Sussex to defeat the Mail on Sunday’s defense was rejected on Friday, British justice ordered him on Monday to pay 48,447 pounds sterling by December 29.

Harry and Meghan in turmoil

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle having left the royal family and the United Kingdom, they are no longer entitled to police protection at the expense of the British taxpayer. The king’s son, who therefore sometimes has to resort to private protection at his own expense, had requested to be able to benefit from police protection, paying with his personal funds, when he is in the United Kingdom, but this request was was rejected by the courts in May.

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He has initiated a second procedure on this subject, in which he contests the cessation of systematic support for his security when he is in the United Kingdom. Harry’s appeal against the British Home Office concerns more specifically the decision taken by the authorities in February 2020 to only grant him police protection on a case-by-case basis.

After the hearing which was held over three days last week, the decision was reserved.

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