“Proust’s madeleine of the forties”: Méry Games Week allows you to (re)discover old video games

Blowing into a cette before inserting it into a SEGA console: it’s from a time that those under… 40 cannot know! The nostalgic and retrogaming fans will be able to find the video games that marked their youth on Saturday November 11 and Sunday November 12, 2023 during Méry Games Week.

Organized at the village hall of Méry-sur-Seine (Aube), this event will allow the ociation MO5.com to exhibit “old consoles, arcade machines, local multiplayer games, etc. », Enthuses his vice-president. In addition to the legendary Nintendo games, “which are very successful”, the public will also be able to discover games that are completely “unknown” but “magnificent in terms of graphics”, underlines David Soumet.

Of Mario Kart to Bomberman, via Super Smach Bros or even Street Fighter, around sixty cult video games from the 1970s to today will be highlighted during these two days. Thus, older players will be able to remember, with a touch of nostalgia, their first games in front of a cathode ray screen while the youngest will discover this universe which they will undoubtedly find “cool and vintage”.

Retrogaming is a hit because it allows “those in their forties to find their Proust madeleine”, analyzes the vice-president ofMO5.com. If old video games are now technically outdated, they allow enthusiasts to “rediscover a pleasure of playing that is intact despite the 30 or 40 years that have ped,” notes David Soumet.

A museum project around video games

The ociation MO5.com has more than 70,000 collectibles! She is also planning to create an interactive video game museum in order to preserve “digital and computer heritage”. Exhibitions have already taken place at the Grand Palais in Paris or at the Musée de la Civilization in Quebec. “The goal is to have a retrospective of the beginnings of computing and video games until today. Concretely, each piece presented will have playable elements,” specifies David Soumet.

Currently looking for a place to install its museum, MO5.com also wants to expand its team with new members. The objective is to participate in the preservation of “video game heritage”, while participating in the various activities offered by the ociation.

Méry Games Week: Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November 2023 at the village hall in Méry-sur-Seine (Aube). Free admission. Refreshment bar and snacks on site. To become a member ofMO5.COMmeeting on mo5.com

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