Provocative and skinned alive, the unforgettable anger of Jean-Louis Murat on TV

Died at the age of 71, the singer has often distinguished himself on television sets by his outspokenness and his tendency to provocation. Highlights.

“Instead of shooting at ambulances, Murat is shooting at sacred cows”. This sentence of Thierry Ardisson summarizes the deceased artist. “I had a traumatic meeting with the promotional department of my record company in 1998-1999. When I release my album, they tell me that I’m too smooth, too cool in interviews. I understood the system in a fraction of a second”he said on the show “Café Picouly” in 2007. Neither one nor two, the singer learned from his mistakes and never showed up again “smooth” on the television. Selected pieces.

“Everybody’s Talking About It”, January 8, 2000

In January 2000, he was the guest of Thierry Ardisson in “Everybody talks about it”. Before being a singer, Jean-Louis Murat was a bartender and record store. And of the world of song, he did not only have good memories. “French song carries ubiquitous dinosaurs around, but that’s not why they’re good”. There p Jacques Brel, Johnny HallydayJean-Jacques Goldman or Renaud… Among comedians, the Guignols de l’info also suffer from the singer’s sharp words. “I think they are an arrogant elite who know how to make fun of little people very very well. That’s what annoys me”he declares in front of the facilitator.

“We are not in bed”, September 16, 2006

Six years later, Murat intervenes in the emission of Laurent Ruquier to present his new album, Taormina. Facing Michel Polac and Eric Zemmourhe appears lethargic in “We are not lying”. “I have to have a drink, I have to decompress a little […] Of course I feel like a . I wonder what I’m doing here”he declares embarred, feeling illegitimate on television to talk about his “little music” while “children, people die in four seconds”. Faced with this discourse, Éric Zemmour cannot help reacting by affirming that on this account, “You shouldn’t come on TV. You have to retire as a hermit”. From then on, the tone begins to rise between the two men. “I am a musician, I am not a media clown”, gets carried away the artist. The presenter tries, somehow, to intervene and calm things down.
Boosted during this program, Jean-Louis Murat also apostrophizes the journalist and editor-in-chief of Closer Laurence Peau. “You are the rotten of the press. […] My dear Ruquier, this lady is very nice but she should get out. She has nothing to do here.”

“Free admission”, September 28, 2018

“It’s nice to film me and ask me questions. I am still the loser par excellence”, he immediately launched in the program “Entrée libre” on France 5, almost five years ago, sitting sideways on his chair, legs crossed. The journalist then makes him intervene on her song Hold-up, hold-up resolutely released in another era. “I think it starts out as a song about chicks that keep pissing us off. It’s not even possible to have a stolen kiss anymore. If there is one, it’s five years in jail. […] that is to say that the women I see more on the side of the cowboys and we the men on the side of the Indians.
Eighteen years after his rant on the French song in the issuance of Thierry Ardisson, the artist has not changed his mind. “She is no longer renewed, she is dead I think. It was a fantasy, an idea.

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