PSG: an association of supporters criticizes the atmosphere of the Boulogne stand

In a statement, the Block Parisii deplores the sanitized atmosphere in force at the Park in the Boulogne stand, and would like to help warm it up: “What a pathetic spectacle was offered to a good number of enthusiasts from the Boulogne stand during PSG-Brest this Saturday September 10 (1-0). Despite the victory, our team was sluggish and would have needed the fervor of its public to carry it. So what about the atmosphere of the Boulogne stand? In Boulogne, the management is trying to completely sanitize the spans. Currently the motto of our historic forum could be "pay consume and shut your mouth". In Boulogne, we find photographers, cameramen, influencers, tik-tokers, tourists who have come from all over the world to catch a glimpse of our seven-time Ballon d'Or and our French star. »

the Block Parisii also denounces the increase in subscriptions, single tickets and their resale, “against popular football which belongs to its fans”. Also he tends “the hand to the direction of the PSG in order to bring (its) modest contribution so that the Park becomes again what it was, a feared and respected arena. »

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