PSG crowned champion of France on Sunday in Auxerre, if…

Paris-SG will have to count on the possible missteps of its Lensois and Marseille pursuers in order to be crowned Sunday evening in Auxerre, during the 36th day.

It’s up to us to do the work, to perform», hammers Christophe Galtier, evoking the obtaining of the title of champion of France. And to add:As I often tell my players, don’t rely on those behind, especially Lens, who won’t drop a lot of points by the end of the championship in my opinion.” Not false. But if Paris Saint-Germain were to be crowned this Sunday (9 p.m.), at the end of their match at Auxerre, on behalf of the 36th day of Ligue 1, it will necessarily go through a counter-performance from Lens. The result of OM could also count, depending on that of Paris-SG. In the most favorable scenario, Les Rouge et Bleu could even claim victory… in the event of a draw.

In summary, Christophe Galtier’s players are currently six points ahead of Lens and eight over OM in the Ligue 1 standings. They would need seven to be officially champions of France. It would also be the 11th time in the history of the capital club and it would be a national record.

The PSG will be fixed before entering the lawn

One thing is certain: PSG will not be crowned in the event of a defeat at Auxerre. Conversely, a victory for Lens at Lorient (Sunday at 5:05 p.m.) would prolong the suspense for at least a week. A scenario would allow the Parisians to pop the champagne in the event of a draw at Abbé-Deschamps: if OM do not win in Lille on Saturday evening (9 p.m.) and Lens loses in Lorient. On the other hand, if Olympique de Marseille takes the three points in the North and/or if Lens brings back a point from Brittany, which would imply that the second would have 76 points, i.e. five less, PSG should imperatively win to take control of the Hexagoal. Note that if he still has a six-point lead over his runner-up, whoever he is, at the end of the 36th day, PSG can no longer be overtaken, just joined in the worst case. But with a goal difference of +49, against +32 for the Sang et Or and +30 for the Phocaeans, the doubt would be (very) limited…

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In any case, Marquinhos and his little comrades will know what to expect when entering the lawn of AJ Auxerre. Ditto for the Burgundians, engaged in a mano-a-mano with FC Nantes for the last place in relegation. The other three are occupied by Ajaccio, Troyes and Anges, already condemned. AJA is currently 16th, with a small point ahead of FC Nantes (34 against 33), who will receive a Montpellier team without pressure on Saturday (5 p.m.).

The scenarios that would allow PSG to be champions this Sunday :
– Victory of PSG, Lens does not win
– PSG draw, if OM do not win and Lens loses

In the event of a victory for Lens, PSG could not be crowned on Sunday, whatever their result in Auxerre. No scenario allows Paris to win the cup without taking a point.

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