PSG unlocks its counter in the Champions League against Plock

This match between PSG and Plock, this Wednesday in Paris, will not go down in history, but the main thing for the Parisian club was to unlock its counter (37-33 victory) in the Champions League, seven days after losing to Veszprem (36-34) at the start of the group stage. At the same time, Plock won against Porto (27-23).

At a time when the tendency is to play at top speed, Plock completely explodes: the Poles impose a rhythm of a rare slowness. It is true that with Daniel Sarmiento (39 years old next month), the former Saint-Raphaël out of retirement, and Mirsad Terzic (39 years old), that does not encourage riding. It had the effect of disrupting PSG for a long time. What's more, the Polish defense did not let Luc Steins lead the game with his usual liveliness (2-4, 7th; 3-6, 9th; 4-7, 11th).

The passage of Nikola Karabatic (38 years old certainly but with the energy of a junior) from left-back to center-half (16th) in the relay of Steins had the effect of unblocking the situation which the Polish pivot of PSG, Kamil, took advantage of. Syprzak (7 goals including 3 penalties at 100% in the first act). But a double temporary exclusion 13 seconds apart, from Elohim Prandi and Dainis Kristopans (20th), allowed Plock to stay in the wake of Paris (10-9, 20th). Then, Luc Steins rebounded from his box, Elohim Prandi played his power and Syprzak (9 out of 10 in the end, a missed penalty) stayed on his momentum to allow the French champion to take the lead at the break (18 -16).

In the second act, PSG finally took the measure of the Polish game (24-20, 38th), without panicking as often, relying on a tough defense behind which Andreas Palicka was solid (for his return, Jannick Green, a time hampered by a muscle injury, was not very successful). With a Nikola Karabatic still as valuable and successful on shots (7 out of 7), PSG were then able to unfold (30-22, 46th) to offer themselves a first success in this group A against Plock against which they did not have so never lost again. Next Wednesday, it should be another matter with a trip to Magdeburg (which plays this Thursday against Zagreb), the reigning German champions.

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