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The recitation competition was organized for the fifth time. “In the land of poetry – poems of Polish poets” at the Polish Supplementary School for them Karol Wojtyla in Linden, NJ. Its hostess was director Agnieszka Czajkowska.

Danuta Lisowska

The competition – which took place on Friday, April 28 – was attended by 13 students from grades 5 to 10, selected in cl eliminations. Students recited poems by Aleksander Fredro, Adam Mickiewicz, Maria Konopnicka, Wanda Chotomska, Katarzyna Kowalska, Jan Brzechwa, Julian Tuwim, Hanna Niewiadomska and Wisława Szymborska. The beautiful recitations were also complemented by elegant costumes and props. The aim of the competition is to popularize the works of the above-mentioned poets, develop artistic skills, encourage them to perform on stage and learn how to compete in a friendly atmosphere.

The competition was preceded by the screening of a short biographical film about the life and work of Wisława Szymborska, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1996. The year 2023 was announced by the Sejm of the Republic of Poland “The Year of Wisława Szymborska” on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the poet’s birth. The film ended with a nice accent, namely the recitation of the poem “Nothing twice” by the author herself, who introduced everyone to the atmosphere of poetry.

Participants of the competition and teaching staff of PSD im. Karol Wojtyla

The performances of the young reciters were essed by the jury composed of: Anna Wańczyk – vice-consul at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York, Anna Tracz – president of the Central Office of Polish Supplementary Schools in the state of New Jersey and Danuta Świątek – editor-in-chief of Dobra Szkoła New York. The jury had a difficult choice, because the level of the competition was even. All participants of the competition prepared themselves well for the performance and presented their recitation skills beautifully. The jury took into account the following criteria: selection of the text and its mastery by memory, interpretation of the text, diction and general artistic expression.

In the category of cles 5-7, Alan Konik, a student of cl 5, presented himself best, who recited a poem by Aleksander Fredro entitled “Paul and Gawel”. The second place went to Emily Piszczałka from cl 5 for the poem “How good to be a girl” by Katarzyna Kowalska. The third place was taken by Amelia Jucha, a student of cl 6b, who recited a poem by Wanda Chotomska “Street of the multiplication table”.

In the category of grades 8-10, Victoria Garbowski (grade 10) turned out to be the best, who presented the poem “Two winds” by Julian Tuwim. Marcelina Domaradzka (cl 10) took the second place for reciting the poem “Uncertainty” by Adam Mickiewicz, and the third place was won by Amelia Hajduk (cl 8), who recited the poem “Flies of Self-Chlory” by Maria Konopnicka.

Alan Konik, student of cl 6a, winner of the first place in the category of cles 5-7, for reciting
“Paweł i Gaweł” by Aleksander Fredro

The jury also awarded distinctions. They were received by: Julia Kot (cl 9) for the presentation of the poem “Nothing Twice” by Wisława Szymborska, Kaja Hajduk (cl 5) for reciting the poem “The Coming of Spring” by Jan Brzechwa and Antoni Rębisz (cl 6a) for the presentation of the poem “Stefek Burczymucha” by Maria Konopnicka.

The winners received diplomas and book prizes as well gift cards to the cinema, as well as sweet gifts funded by PSD im. K. Wojtyla. In turn, the Good School New York portal awarded two special prizes – books entitled “Maja Orety” by Eliza Sarnacka-Mahoney with the author’s dedication – which were received by students: Izabela Lepek-Brocka from cl 5 and Marcelina Domaradzka from cl 10.

Danuta Lisowska supervised the course of the competition. The beautiful decoration made by her could be admired during the competition. The musical setting was provided by Marzena Szawińska. Director Agnieszka Czajkowska congratulated everyone, and Consul Anna Wańczyk, the head of the jury, presented diplomas. The competition was accompanied by joy and many positive emotions.

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