Putin joked about bed bugs in Europe

President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is not afraid of possible new EU sanctions. This reduces the chance of bedbugs being imported into the Russian Federation from large European cities, he joked at a meeting on economic issues.

“Over the past years, our partners have already adopted countless sanctions, they themselves have practically become entangled in their sanctions, they tried to punish us, in the end, as we see, a completely obvious thing, as can be seen from the statistics, they hit their own economy, their jobs. Now their fantasies are reaching the point of absurdity… they are proposing to ban the import of screwdrivers, needles, etc. into Russia. Well, the less junk, maybe even better, there is less chance that bed bugs will be exported to us from large European cities,” the president said.

Previously, the French media reported about a bed bug epidemic; in particular, the number of insects has increased significantly in Paris. In October, the newspaper 20 Minutes, citing an intelligence report, reported that Russia allegedly contributed to the spread of panic ociated with a sharp increase in the number of bedbugs in France. The spread of parasites has also been reported in London. In particular, on November 1, a library in the British capital was forced to close due to the fact that a large number of bedbugs had multiplied there, The Independent reported.

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