Q ENERGY makes industrial decarbonization an economic opportunity

Published on Nov 21, 2023 at 0:31

While the decarbonization of industry is becoming a strategic priority and a real sovereignty issue with which States are competing for investments, Parliament adopted on October 11, 2023 the “Green Industry” bill aimed at making France the leader in green industry in Europe. The French industrial sector, which today represents 18% of annual national greenhouse gas emissions, is thus engaged in a major transition that it must reconcile with the imperative of competitiveness. A historic player in the production of renewable solar and wind electricity in France, Q ENERGY is now developing solutions enabling industrial players to meet this challenge.

To decarbonize their activities, industries must be able to access competitive renewable energy offers adapted to their needs. This is what we offer them through our dedicated offers.

explain Jean-François Petit, Managing Director of Q ENERGY France.

Direct sale of electricity at a guaranteed price

To allow industries to access renewable energy at a stable cost, Q ENERGY markets Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (or “corporate PPA”), direct sales contracts at a predefined price for a period of up to to 15 or even 20 years, thus offering valuable financial visibility in these times of energy crisis. Thanks to its electricity storage solutions, Q ENERGY can also adapt this contract to the consumption profile of each of its customers and thus partially compensate for the intermittency of renewable energies to provide electricity when it is most needed. .

Battery electricity storage also makes it possible to reduce industrial bills by minimizing consumption peaks but also to generate additional income by organizing a pooling of their infrastructures.

From fossil fuels to green hydrogen

Because many industries rely on non-electrifiable processes consuming fossil fuels such as fuel oil or natural gas, Q ENERGY also offers solutions to decarbonize them using green hydrogen. An energy with a low carbon footprint whose price is also less volatile than that of fossil fuels and which thus makes decarbonization, often considered exclusively from the angle of constraint, a real strategic opportunity.

Accelerate renewables

So that such decarbonization processes can be deployed on a large scale, renewable energy producers like Q ENERGY are doing everything they can to develop solar and wind electricity production projects. Legally facilitating the implementation of these projects must therefore be a priority to enable France to meet its objectives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The entry into force of the provisions of the Renewable Energy Acceleration Law should in this sense mark a turning point and allow a growing number of industrial companies to operate their energy transition in the best financial conditions.

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