Queen Claire Foy rebels

Queen Claire Foy rebels

Judith Ivey (left) plays Agata and Claire Foy plays the belligerent Salome. Michael Gibson/Universal Pictures International France

Impenetrable Elizabeth II in The Crown the Briton portrays the strong head of a religious female community facing aggression. A role that galvanized her.

“Before Women Talking, I had never read a scenario where we heard the voices of women with such clarity. Heroines with thundering words, intimate convictions”, is surprised Claire Foy. Enigmatic and impenetrable in The Crownthe iconic young Elizabeth II from Netflix’s flagship series raises her voice and does not mince words in the female narrative of Sarah Polley, who adapts the novel inspired by a true story by fellow Canadian Miriam Toew.

In an isolated religious community in North America, reminiscent of Mennonites, women realize that they and their daughters have been drugged and raped by men. The latter went to town to pay bail for those who were arrested. In their absence, three matriarchs and their daughters gather in the village barn to decide: should they forgive? Should they take revenge? Should they leave? How to reconcile their faith with the sordid reality? Claire Foy plays Salome, the most…

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