Quentin Fillon Maillet: “Make a slightly more marked cut”

Quentin Fillon Maillet (member of the French team, on the L’Équipe channel) : “As I am addicted to sport, I never cut out completely. I went on vacation. We did a few walks and a bit of swimming with Lydie, my partner. I resumed the sport slowly. Being very tired, after the last two seasons, the objective was to make a break a little more marked, without stopping the sport but by varying the activities a little more. I would resume very seriously in June.

These are two people I know very well. Jean Pierre (Amate) was my coach for the juniors and I shared 9 years in the France team with Simon (Fourcade). Simon is a friend, that surprised me a bit because I didn’t imagine having him as a coach. The first contacts were very interesting. even if for the moment we have just roughed out the training plan. »

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