Quiz: baguette, cigarettes, diesel… do you know the new prices with inflation?

5.9% in April, 5.7% in March, 6.3% in February… Inflation has continued to rage in France since the start of 2023. Sugar, butter, bananas… According to our statement, the same basket of 31 consumer products has soared by 15% in one year. But it’s not just food products that are affected. The energy sector, new technologies or even textiles can testify to this.

And it is the purchasing power of the French that suffers. To save money, all techniques are good: anti-inflation basketschange of sign, search for in-store reductions or promo codes, purchases on the Internet, etc.

Whether it’s a pack of cigarettes, a kilo of potatoes, a tenderloin of beef, iconic 501 jeans or an iPhone, with all these changes, do you still really know the prices of the products you may be buying?

So what score did you get? If you think your friends or loved ones can do better than you, share this quiz with them!

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