Rachida Dati seen dancing on “DVM Show”, the new rap show that’s a hit on Twitch

A distinguished guest. Launched only a few months ago, the new rap show “ DVM Show », broadcast on Twitch, had the honor of receiving a distinguished guest. If she has already hosted big names like Aya Nakamura or Kaaris, it is a personality from a completely different background who appeared on the show on Monday February 12: Rachida Dati.

VIDEO. Behind the scenes of the “DVM Show”, the new rap show that is breaking the internet

There Minister of Culture was spotted smiling while dancing live in the show’s Aulnay-sous-Bois studios. If Dadju was one of the guests of the day, it was towards Rachida Dati that all eyes were turned.

Arriving to the cries and applause of the participants in the show, the mayor of the 7th arrondist of the capital quickly suggested to the organizers that they come and film a show at the Ministry of Culture. “You come with your equipment, you install everything and you make me a DVM”. “A Ministry of Culture without noise is not a Ministry of Culture,” she even responded to a presenter telling her that they were going to make noise.

Indicating that she felt “at home” in the Aulnay-sous-Bois studios, Rachida Dati indicated that she had kept her promise before praising the welcome she received. “We are well received, you are popular culture. (…) It’s a culture that speaks to an entire generation, well beyond my daughter’s generation, you also speak a little to me.”

The arrival of Rachida Dati criticized

Subsequently, during the broadcast, the former Minister of Justice joined in the fun by remaining behind the microphone for the artists to p and even took part in a few dance steps, with a smile on her face.

A page which did not go unnoticed on the web, but which apparently did not please everyone. Some Internet users called to unsubscribe from the show’s Twitch channel, recalling some of the political positions taken in the past by Nicolas Sarkozy’s former minister, note BFMTV.

Faced with the controversy, the “DVM” team had to defend itself from having accepted the appearance of Rachida Datin on their show: “She’s the Minister of Culture, she’s asking to come, we’re not going to say no,” explained Medja, one of the founders of the show, in a video. And to conclude in the face of criticism: “She is welcome, she comes back whenever she wants”.

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