Rachida Dati, the right-wing elected official who divides the left

Rachida Dati, in a restaurant on the Place de République, in Paris, on October 13, 2022.

The occasion was too good. Out of the question for Rachida Dati to let her pass. In mid-November, the mayor (Socialist Party) of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, of whom she is the main opponent (Les Républicains, LR) at City Hall and whose succession she covets, announces an increase in property tax in the capital city. In the middle of the session, the former Keeper of the Seals stands up and launches: “We will not be complicit in this robbery. » She leaves, followed by all her group. The boycott only lasts twenty-four hours.

Nevertheless, the action has a certain impact. The next day, Mr.me Dati is back and attacks the city councilor directly. “You decided in a somewhat shameful way, in a somewhat hidden way, by a tweet, a 52% increase in the property tax. But what contempt, what disrespect, she let go, among other “punchlines” that have become his trademark. Immediately posted, shared and broadcast on social networks.

Cultivating a certain sense of self-mockery, also sharpening a foolproof repartee, Mme Dati knew how to adapt his speech and his method to the spirit of a time that was hungry for resounding expressions. Sometimes – often even – it is at the expense of his own right-wing political family, like when she attacks frontally on a television set Patrick Stefaninidirector of the campaign of Valérie Pécresse, at the time candidate of LR in the presidential election.

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An attitude that seduces even several of his opponents, whom one could imagine put off by the outings of a resolutely right-wing politician, especially on security issues. You should have seen the warm welcome given to him, at the end of August, during the “amphis”, the summer universities of La France insoumise (LFI). Invited to speak on justice, the former Keeper of the Seals ” return “ the room, putting the laughers on his side, overflowing with his speaking time during the debate with the deputy (LFI) from the North Ugo Bernalicis. “Certainly, she is on the right, but it is not Eric Ciotti, underlines the parliamentarian. I was not surprised by the reception because before the debate, I was asked for her autographs. »

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Mr Bernalicis also recalls the “very good links” that unite Mme Dati and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, woven from the time when they were both MEPs. He adds : “Rachida Dati’s style can be similar to that of Jean-Luc: frank, raw formwork, which goes to the cardboard. » On the figurehead of the “rebellious”, yet at the other end of the political spectrum, Rachida Dati herself is full of praise: “I’ve always enjoyed talking to him. He has real sensitivity. » Between them, no ” phone calls “ nor of “lunch”, she specifies, but a mutual recognition between two full people “of affect”, especially for their loved ones. Contacted, Mr. Mélenchon did not respond.

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