Racist insults, call for murder… Olivier Faure reveals the abusive mail he received

Olivier Faure concedes, this is not the first abusive mail he receives from “voters of the far right”. And yet, the first secretary of the PS took the trouble to share this Tuesday on X (ex-Twitter) a particularly insulting anonymous letter.

Openly racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic and embellished with death threats, this letter has “the merit of being a good summary of all the others”, writes the deputy for Seine-et-Marne, who attaches a copy of the said letter, which was printed and not handwritten. “The trivialization of EXD (far right) releases the craziest impulses,” he laments.

Among all the letters and emails that I receive from far-right voters, this one has the merit of being a good summary of all the others. The trivialization of EXD releases the craziest impulses. pic.twitter.com/y03SGrgCAc

— Olivier Faure (@faureolivier) September 5, 2023

Throughout the letter entitled “The enemies from within”, the insults towards the first secretary of the PS burst out cheerfully: “bastard”, “garbage of his species”, “diabolical animal”. Olivier Faure, a photo of which adorns the mail, is even described as “chinetoc” because of his Vietnamese origins.

Xenophobic remarks follow one another: between the call to “gas all the inferior races of African origin” or to “eradicate all Freemasons and other enemies from within”, the author of the letter calls for the rehabilitation of the Marshal Pétain (formula in red font) then recalls that “Hitler was right” (formula in yellow font).

Political outrage

“There is an increasing number of letters from far-right voters. It is not a question of complaining, but of raising awareness of the dynamics released by the far right, ”explains Olivier Faure, contacted by Le Parisien. “What touches me is to see people who are sometimes in pain and who only find comfort in the hatred of others”, continues the elected socialist.

On X, many elected officials reacted to Olivier Faure’s message. “Unacceptable and disgusting” for the president of the socialist group Boris Vallaudwhile among others, Sandrine Rousseau, Manuel Bompard, Thomas Gates, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol or Carlos Martens Bilongo gave their “support” to the former spokesman of the PS. Carole Delga meanwhile split a clear message: “We will not lower our guard, nor our eyes in the face of the far right”, writes the president of the Occitanie region.

“Here are the concrete effects of the trivialization of the far right: cowardly intimidation, stigmatization of origins, political anathema, nostalgia for the Third Reich”, indignantly the secretary general of the PS Pierre Jouvet while the national secretary of the party Sebastien Vincini castigates “inadmissible remarks which have no place in our Republic”.

“File a complaint, without hesitation, reacted for its part the Licra on X. We will be at your side to demand exemplary sanctions against those who, by targeting you, hate democracy, smear the Republic and disfigure humanity. »

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