Rai Supervision, 42 members appointed: this is who the MPs of the Chamber and Senate are

Rai Supervision, 42 members appointed: this is who the MPs of the Chamber and Senate are

After a long wait and postponements, the forty-two members of the Rai Supervisory Commission, MPs of the Chamber and Senate, have finally been nominated. However, the figure of the president still remains bound to an agreement that is hard to find. Custom has it that the president is a person indicated by the Cinquestelle as an opposition force on a par with the Democratic Party which has already obtained the presidency of Copasir. And the game of crossed vetoes was unleashed on the name indicated.

For M5S, the point of reference remains Ricciardi, who has already been indicated for some time and on whom there is still strong convergence within the Movement. However, precisely on his name the other forces do not listen to reasons. At this point the doubt is that such a strong and stubborn veto is only a strategic move to break the bank and steal the presidency from the Pentastellati.

A move that seems to be orchestrated by Matteo Renzi (Iv), the man of the blitzes and last-minute solutions. Renzi always hopes to be able to place Maria Elena Boschi as president, an indication from him that he could return to having his own topicality only if an agreement cannot be found. In Rai it is also said that, if Renzi does not succeed in his blitz, he would like to get out of the negotiation at least by having an armchair in Rai, perhaps the guide of the coveted insights now that the current director, Di Bella, is approaching retirement .
But in order to get out of the impasse, a part of the Five Stars would have prepared a backup plan to be played only in the event of a prolonged stalemate. The name would be that of Barbara Floridia, currently leader of the Cinquestelle group in the Senate. Instead of Floridia in the Senate, if she were to go to preside over Rai Supervision, Patuanelli would go. Everyone decides in these hours of frenetic contacts.

The names of the deputies and senators who become part of the body were read out in the Chamber of Deputies by the vice president on duty Fabio Rampelli.

These are the deputies: Ouidad Bakkali, Ingrid Bisa, Maria Elena Boschi, Angelo Bonelli, Stefano Candiani, Gianluca Caramanna, Dario Carotenuto, Rita dalla Chiesa, Francesco Filini, Stefano Graziano, Sara Kelany, Maurizio Lupi, Elena Maccanti Augusta Montaruli, Anna Laura Orrico, Andrea Orsini, Riccardo Ricciardi, Vinicio Peluffo, Dieter Steger, Luca Sbardella and Nicola Zingaretti.

As for the senators. Giorgio Maria Bergesio, Giovanni Berrino, Dolores Bevilacqua, Michaela Biancofiore, Giuseppe de Cristofaro, Annamaria Furlan, Barbara Floridia, Marco Lisei, Ester Mieli, Maurizio Gasparri, Mariastella Gelmini, Paolo Marcheschi, Elena Murelli, Clotilde Minasi, Dafne Musolino, Gaetano Nastri, Antonio Nicita, Roberto Rosso, Giovanni Satta, Raffaele Speranzon and Francesco Verducci.

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