rain interrupts match between Ivory Coast and Mali

The friendly match between Ivory Coast and Mali at the new Ebimpé stadium in Abidjan was interrupted Tuesday evening by a storm making the pitch completely impable, four months before the start of the African Cup of Nations which will be held in Ivory Coast.

Torrential rain fell on the pitch at the end of the first period and during half-time, preventing the resumption of the match, the score of which was 0-0.

According to national television images, the pitch was waterlogged, making it impossible for the ball to bounce.

The match took place at the Alane Ouattara stadium in Ebimpe, in the suburbs of Abidjan, a 60,000-seat venue built for CAN-2023 and which will notably host the final.

The competition which is to be held from January 13 to February 11, 2024 will take place in five other stadiums: in Bouaké (center, 40,000 seats) in the capital Yamoussoukro (center, 20,000 seats), in Korhogo (north, 20,000 seats), in San Pedro (southwest, 20,000 places) and in the heart of Abidjan (40,000 places).

Initially scheduled for June and July 2023, the CAN was postponed to be held in early 2024, in order to avoid the matches taking place in the middle of the rainy season.

Although January is one of the least rainy months of the year, thunderstorms at the end of the day cannot be ruled out, particularly in Abidjan.

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