Rains cause flooding in Porto Alegre this Wednesday morning

The Civil Defense of Porto Alegre closely monitors the situation in areas close to Guaíba, both to the south of the capital and in the Arquipélago neighborhood this Wednesday morning (13). The accumulation in the last 24 hours totals 54 millimeters in the city, according to the National Center for Monitoring and Alerts of Natural Disasters (Cemaden).

In a press conference, Mayor Sebastião Melo stated that he is closely monitoring the effects of excessive rain in the Capital. “I canceled my schedules to exclusively respond to this emergency. For example, we have Arroio Ipiranga, where we are welcoming homeless people who were under a bridge”, he highlighted. He also cited the actions carried out at the Lomba do Sabão dam, on the border with Viamão, in addition to Manecão (at the limit) and Cavalhada (which has already overflowed).

During the early hours of the day, the Municipal Secretariat of Urban Services (Smsurb) received four tree fall protocols via system 156. Of these, one was attended to during the early hours of the morning. Furthermore, the three streams located in the South Zone have overflow points this morning: Cavalhada, Capivara and Guarujá. According to the Municipal Department of Water and Sewage (Dmae), the situation arises from the damming of the Guaíba.

Cles were suspended at the Anjo das Flores Early Childhood Education Institutionlocated in the Arquipélago neighborhood, due to flooding. The other units of the municipal network and partners operate normally.

The disruptions caused by the climate also led to the closure of the Ilha da Pintada Health Unit, located in the Arquipélago neighborhood. And the Morro da Cruz units (without internet), Milta Rodrigues (without electricity) and Glória (flooding points) continued with restricted service.

According to the Public Transport and Circulation Company (EPTC), there were 24 incidents due to rain. Most of them are traffic lights out of operation, due to problems in the distribution of electricity.

Preventively, the Social istance and Citizenship Foundation (Fasc) prepares the opening of three reception structureseach with capacity for up to 50 people: Far-South, South and Island Region.

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