Ranking of parking spaces: parking prices much higher in Île-de-France and Paca

This is a new increase in expenses for many motorists, already faced with the price of gasoline and diesel. at the highest. Yespark has just published its 2023 barometer of monthly parking space prices, and the trend is once again upwards. Note that these are prices within its own portfolio, namely 65,000 spaces distributed in 3,000 car parks in France.

The monthly or annual parking rental platform notes that the price of parking spaces has increased by 6% on average across the entire territory, a trend which was already on the rise (+ 4%) in 2022 and in 2021 (+ 1.7%). The average price of monthly parking in large French cities in 2023 reaches 106.89 euros, compared to 100.79 euros in 2022.

Unsurprisingly, it is Paris (133 euros/month) that parking spaces are the most expensive ahead of Nice (113.5 euros) and Toulon (97 euros). Rennes (44 euros), Dijon (42 euros) and Saint-Étienne (38 euros) are the large cities in which monthly parking is the least expensive. Despite these low prices, Rennes (+ 18%) and Dijon (+ 17%) are the two cities where the price of parking has increased the most. Note that in Marseille (91 euros), the cost of a parking space is down -2% compared to last year.

A drop in the center of Paris

If price of parking is on the rise of 3% in Paris, this is not valid for all districts. As curious as it may seem, prices in the city center are down considerably, notably -23% and -18% in the 6th and 4th arrondists. “We are seeing a beginning of disaffection for the car in Paris, particularly in the center of Paris. It’s getting more and more difficult to drive and park in these districts, and as there is good coverage of other modes of transport there is less demand than before, which leads to a drop in prices,” explains Charles Pfister, co-founder of Yespark. Despite this decline, the 1st district remains the most expensive (245 euros/month), while the XIIIth is the least expensive (97 euros/month).

The pandemic of Covid-19 had an impact throughout France on the price of parking. Indeed, many employees have abandoned Paris in favor of the regions, while keeping their jobs in the capital. A factor which partly explains the increase in the price of monthly parking, particularly in towns within reach of the capital in TGV as in Brittany (+ 15%), Normandy (+ 8%) or Burgundy-Franche-Comté (+ 7%), where prices have increased the most.

This overall increase in the price of monthly parking in car parks is expected to continue, or even explode next year, particularly in the Paris region, due to the organization of Paris 2024 Olympics. “We see that the Olympics will have a considerable impact on next year’s price barometer. This will undoubtedly cause the barometer to bug because there is a demand which is already starting to be very strong from all the stakeholders who will be linked to the Olympic Games,” warns Charles Pfister.

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