Raphaël de Casabianca talks about the intensity of filming in “unknown lands”

FIGARO LIVE – Invited on the “Buzz TV” set, the globe-trotting host looked back on his last French escape to Guyana with Sabrina Ouazani but also on the difficulties inherent to his job.

Raphael of Casabianca is back on our screens with an issue of “Our unknown lands”, the program consisting of exploring French territories. And the host intends to take us on a journey. After Nicole Ferroni at the Iroise Sea, Amir in the Jura, Barbara Pravi in Corsica and Claudio Capéo in the Vercors, the episode of this Friday, November 17 broadcast on France 3 from 9:10 p.m. promises a total change of scenery. Exit the metropolitan landscapes, it is 7000 kilometers from the metropolis that the host arranged to meet the actress Sabrina Ouazaniin an area where the forest is king given that it occupies 90% of the land: Guyana.

“It was natural. After five or six trips, we wanted to open up to this overseas France, moreover, a little different. underlined Raphaël de Casabianca. This project had also been in preparation by the film crews for some time. The choice could perfectly have fallen on Martinique, Guadeloupe or even Reunion, but these places were not designated for a good reason. “Guyana has enjoyed a fairly tarnished or negative image in recent times because it is a territory that we know less about, and there has been trafficking”explained the globetrotter.

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A total surprise for Sabrina Ouazani who had signed up for the “Our Unknown Lands” program – intended to help people discover French regions – and not “Rendez-vous en terre stranger” where the market is about to take off for the other side of the world.

” VSit was a real challenge for her to overcome her fears »

Raphaël de Casabianca on the subject of Sabrina Ouazani

“What I love about Sabrina is that she is up for everything, she has incredible energy, declared the host before revealing: She was terribly afraid.. Indeed, the actress is obviously not used to traveling a lot, neither by train nor by plane. “VSIt was a real challenge for her to overcome her fears but that’s the beautiful thing. As is often the case, in every journey we are confronted with the unknown but we are also confronted with ourselves and there are changes that take place.”

Intense trips»

With this new destination, the confusion between the two France Télévisions broadcasts risks increasing. To compensate for this, the public service group has taken the decision since the start of the school year to broadcast the French change of scenery on France 3 and to keep “Rendez-vous en terre stranger” on France 2.

For almost five years, Raphaël de Casabianca has taken over Frederic Lopez to the presentation of these broadcasts. And the one who now animates “A Sunday in the countryside” had been honest about his reasons for leaving. His decision to stop these programs was, among other things, linked to the difficulty of leaving the hosts and guests at the end of this interlude. “The longer things go, the more I understand Frédéric […] I don’t want to stop but I feel that physically and mentally it has an impactconfided his successor, detailing: we find ourselves in Nepal at an altitude of 5,000 meters, in a canoe with seasickness, in Greenland at -30 degrees, so these are extremely intense trips, in complicated conditions”.

Beyond that, there is also everything the emotional aspect which comes into play. And although at the beginning, he insisted to his predecessor that he would manage to see his interlocutors again, the reality is quite different. “The more it goes on, the more I know I’m not going to see them again. And I find it super complicated”, he said. Raphaël de Casabianca adds: “I understand his choice and to be honest I find it more and more difficult to land again”.

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