Raphaël Glucksmann announces his candidacy, undoubtedly with the PS

Raphaël Glucksmann during the meeting closing the Socialist Party campus, in Blois, August 27, 2023.

MEP Raphaël Glucksmann is heading back into the campaign. THE co-founder of Place publiqueannounced Wednesday September 13 that he was standing for the European elections in June 2024, undoubtedly with the Socialist Party (PS) with which he has been sitting for five years, but which has not yet made a decision as to the identity from his top of the list.

“I am a candidate”ures the 43-year-old essayist in The Obsevoking a continent today “at a tipping point, shaken by war, confronted with the climate crisis and obliged to question the deregulated globalization which weakens it”.

Will he make a joint list with the PS, which has adopted the principle of an autonomous list? “It would seem natural to me to start again together, and I think that this also corresponds to the desire of socialist activists”who must decide at the beginning of October, he replies. Head of the list with the PS in 2019Mr. Glucksmann then won 6.2% of the vote.

He claims to have “learned the lessons” of 2019

While he had become, at the time and in vain, the champion of the union of the left for Europeans, by creating Place publique, he recalls the existence this time of“substantive objections” with the communists and the “rebels”, on Ukraine and European defense in particular.

“Let’s take responsibility for them”he proclaims, refusing to present in this one-round proportional ballot a “united left” who would do ” at the same time “ : “For the European Union but not too much…, for Ukraine but not too much”. In this regard, he claims to have “learned lessons” of 2019 and prefer to campaign only ” p [son] time in dark rooms discussing endlessly with political apparatuses”.

Which does not prevent him from shooting his arrows at the Macronist group in the European Parliament, which according to him “persists in the social and ecological impe of productivist agriculture through the continuation of a common agricultural policy favoring the largest farmers and the giants of the agro-industry”.

Despite the protests of La France insoumise, the Nupes parties dispersed to the Europeans, each presenting their own list.

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