Rapper Jul at the top of Spotify listening in France and conquering Germany

French rappers dominate the rankings based on streaming streams, while French female artists are conspicuous by their absence.

Jul, Ninho, Gazo… The French subsidiary of Spotify presented on Thursday its ranking of the most listened to musicians in France since the start of 2023. Unsurprisingly, French rappers win hands down. For the seventh consecutive year, the Marseille rapper Jul tops the charts. “This has been going on for fifteen years. With absolute artistic freedom, he has released two albums this year and is preparing to release a third next week. underlines Nicolas du Roy, editorial director of Spotify France. In second position, we find Ninho aged 27 who comes from Longjumeau to the south of Paris, followed by Gazo, 29 years old, who comes from Châteauroux in the Centre-Val de Loire region. Thanks to its sounds like Meridian And Meuda, “Rising star Tiakola, 23, enters fourth. His album Melo is the most listened to of the year. Before the summer, this artist from Bondy to the north of Paris won three awards at Les Flammes (the Césars of urban music, editor’s note),” underlines Nicolas du Roy. Belgian rapper Damso comes in fifth position. Driven by hip-hop, listening to French artists has increased by 20% compared to the previous year.

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But what is true for boys is less true for girls. The singers most listened to by the French are mainly Anglo-Saxon: if Aya Nakamura dominates the ranking, she is followed by Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lana Del Rey and Billie Eillish. “Aya Nakamura is also the most international. She’s impressive, she sold 40% of her AccorArena in 48 hours.”, underlines Nicolas du Roy. She is followed by Nej, who is doing his first Bercy in two weeks. Louane comes back strong in third position with her album Happy feelings. She is followed by Imen Es and Vitaa comes in fifth position. An encouraging sign is that the rate of French female artists increased by 22% between 2022 and 2023, higher than for men.

The most listened to title in 2023 is German racing car by the rapper of Congolese origin, SDM. He is followed by Meuda by Tiakola, flowers by Miley Cyrus, Jolie (feat. Ninho) by Gauls and Amber by Zola. Among the discoveries, Suisse Nuit Incolore and its title Exceeds, released in 2022. “He had no label or manager, underlined Marie Ybert, marketing director. In June 2023, six months later, it had 35 million streams.” Among the other discoveries, we note Stéphane, Luther, Houdi and Ehla.

For export, we find the irremovable David Guetta, DJ Snake, DaftPunk, Gesaffelstein… Kungs received more than a billion streams with the title This girl. Jul is very popular in Germany, Spain and Italy. As for Vegedream, it is listened to more in Germany than in France today: at every football match, Germans listen in French Take the cup home.

In titles over twenty years old, the French listened the most I take to the wind by Louise Attaque, Freed from Desire of Gala, Me Gusta Tu by Manu Chao, Take me Norwegians A-Ha, Gansgta Paradise from Coolio, Every breath you take from police, Ain’t no mountain high enough by Marvin Gaye, Without me by Eminem, I will go where you go by Celine Dion and finally I’m still standing by Elton John.

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