Raymond Aabou pays tribute to Samuel Paty in “Touche pas à mon poste”

By Laura Terrazas



Géraldine Maillet and Raymond Aabou in “Do not touch my post” Screenshot

VIDEO – Two and a half years after the death of the murdered teacher, his college still does not bear his name, which scandalizes the columnist of Cyril Hanouna.

It’s a real rant that this Monday, May 15, Raymond Aabou pushed in “Don’t touch the post“. It’s been two and a half years since the teacher Samuel Paty was inated, beheaded for having shown in cl the cartoons of Muhammad published by Charlie Hebdo. However, the college where the professor taught still does not bear his name. Because of the general fear of “decision-makers”, who shirk, according to the president of the ociation founded to perpetuate the memory of Samuel Paty.

“There is a form of hypocrisy. Samuel Paty everyone talked about it, we said he was a hero, but he is not a hero enough to rename the college. believes Valérie Bénaïm. “Why this college?” Raymond Aabou then intervenes before adding: “I want to go further”. The columnist, very upset, then decides to launch into a plea which provoked applause from the public on the set of “TPMP” on C8.

“We don’t crash”

“Go ahead, take your crowns (s in Spanish, in colloquial language) and rename the colleges that this professor did not die for nothing. I’ll tell you, I’m so uneducated. For me, he is like Charles de Gaulle, like Victor Hugo and like Jean Jaurès. It’s like the bus stops” he declares. For Raymond Aabou, the name of Samuel Paty should be used to rename several schools throughout France, like the great historical figures of our country.

“He’s a hero to me. Otherwise, would we agree with whoever killed him then? Whoever killed him, are we scared? So we are afraid of the Bataclan, we are afraid of everything, we crash? the columnist is indignant. “We don’t crash” he affirms with conviction so as not to “forget this gentleman”. Valérie Benaïm adds that Samuel Paty was “dropped by the hierarchy during his lifetime, and dropped by his hierarchy after his death”.

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