Razvozhaev ordered to check shelters in Sevastopol and called not to cause panic

The governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, against the backdrop of a missile attack on the city, called on residents “not to sow panic” regarding the issues of shelters and said that he had ordered them to organize an inspection together with management companies.

On the morning of September 23, a “missile danger” was declared in Sevastopol; Razvozhaev called on people to hide in shelters. This happened after the air defense system worked in the city, and rocket debris fell near the pier in the Sukharnaya Balka area. In connection with the attempted attack, authorities began receiving questions about the shelters.

“We have a convincing request to everyone: stop sowing panic and pleasing our enemies with this – panic is their main goal,” Razvozhaev wrote in his Telegram channel.

He said that the authorities were preparing shelters a year ago, while the city was “relatively calm.” What is happening today is already “reality”, and “it is impossible to foresee everything,” the head of the city added. According to him, the human factor also comes into play – for example, the person who has the keys to the bat can leave for the weekend, while the elders in the house can stay in their apartments when an alarm sounds and not open the bats.

Razvozhaev promised to resolve such issues, noting that he instructed the director of the municipal services department, Evgeniy Gorlov, to “start making rounds with the Criminal Code for temporary shelters and deal with all situations.” He also urged people to contact the management company or government regarding shelter issues. The governor emphasized that we are talking about temporary shelters, not bomb shelters.

“Don’t expect someone to come and supply water there, install chairs, flooring, or make ventilation. It is impossible to improve all the temporary shelters in this way; this requires billions. I emphasize that the shelters are temporary, these are not bomb shelters. They are needed mainly to protect themselves from rocket fragments and broken gl. This also needs to be understood. And accept,” he said.

On September 22, the Ukrainian army launched an attack on Sevastopol. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that air defense systems shot down five missiles. As a result of the attack, the historical headquarters building of the Black Sea Fleet was damaged and a fire broke out there. Initially, the ministry reported one dead soldier, but then clarified that he was still listed as missing.

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