reactive Brest wingers, a tasteless Parisian collective

reactive Brest wingers, a tasteless Parisian collective

TOPS/FLOPS – PSG beat Stade Brestois on Saturday evening at the Francis Le Blé stadium (1-2), during the 27th day of Ligue 1. Our tops and our Flops of the match.


Del Castillo and Honorat in great shape

They are clearly Brest’s two best players this Saturday evening against PSG (1-2). Franck Honorat was used perfectly on the offensive phases. Author of a very good equalizer on a face-to-face perfectly concluded after having resisted the physique of Sergio Ramos and Nuno Mendes, Honorat is one of the main architects of the Brest comeback following a complicated start to the match in terms of offensive. And in the second half, he continued to make a good offensive copy during the Breton domination in the second act. An analysis also allowed thanks to Romain Del Castillo who chained the very good breakthroughs on the left wing of the attack. Often called upon on the left side, he was also clean in his game with 86% of successful passes.

A surprising Carlos Soler

Often criticized this season, Carlos Soler was very realistic and effective in the Parisian game tonight. Perhaps even the most regular in this meeting on the Parisian side: 95% of successful passes and above all very few ball losses. While some of his teammates were too individualistic or passive on the offensive phases, the Spaniard was dangerous by first finding the crossbar (11th) on a powerful volley, before opening the scoring for PSG by taking over the strike from Mbappé badly repelled by Bizot. He was a clean actor in the offensive animation of PSG, especially in the first period.


The Parisian collective too empty

Complicated to analyze the matches of Messi and Mbappé this Saturday evening. Even if the two are at the initiative of the saving goal at the end of the meeting (90th + 1), they seemed to combine well in the first period but finally, without ever really playing in the service of the collective. Many solo attempts to unblock the situation by trying to pass into the spaces left by the Brest defense. In the second half, both the Frenchman and the Argentinian simply seemed extinguished: on the hour mark, Brest had almost 80% possession in the second half. The offensive animation was empty, losing efficiency and variety. Not to mention the frustration, Mbappé could even have been expelled for a nasty gesture of frustration on Belkebla (86th).

Brest defensive mistakes

So certainly Brest had every reason to believe in the feat, especially in the second half, but the defense left a bitter taste in the very good offensive performance of Eric Roy’s men. If the Parisians were not fabulous this evening, they still exploited the spaces in the Brest defense very well. Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi have too often broken through the defense without too much difficulty, especially in the first half. It is nevertheless necessary to underline the mental aspect of the Brest defenders who worked together despite some individual wanderings.

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