received by Dussopt, the unions not reassured

This Monday, during a meeting at the Ministry of Labor, they urged the government to avoid a "forced passage" which would set "fire in the country".

The trail of a pension reform through the Social Security budgetwas not ruled outon Monday during a meeting at the Ministry of Labor with the unions, who urged the government to avoid a "forced passage"which would put"fire in the land".

Dialogue of the deaf in the ministry. Invited to discuss the latest report from the Pensions Orientation Council (COR) published last week, the unions could only note their disagreements with an Olivier Dussopt suspected of "darken the financial perspective to legitimize a measure that would take place quickly“, according to Yvan Ricordeau, official negotiator of the CFDT. On the contrary, "there is no fire in the pension system, so let's not set the country on fire on this issue", he said.

“Going into social confrontation”

A position shared by all the organizations present. "There is no danger in the house“says Catherine Perret on behalf of the CGT, which threatens in advance to”immediately cut off all discussions with the government" and of "enter into social confrontationif a pension reform was included in the next Social Security budget. One week from the presentation of the bill, “this track, including passing through 49-3, has not been ruled out», says Cyril Chabanier. For the leader of the CFTC too, such a “forced passage"would put"end of consultations» and would lead «on a conflict that would surely go to the streets".

The executive "will find us on his way“, warns Michel Beaugas, leader for Force Ouvrière, who “will call for demonstrations and certainly for strikesto counter a possible decline in the legal age or the contribution period. "If they persist, there will be extremely strong reactions“, predicts his counterpart from Unsa, Dominique Corona, wishing that the government”hear this loud, clear and precise warning".

This does not appear to be the case at the moment. "We felt that Olivier Dussopt was prowling the elements of language to pass a measure quickly“Advances the number one of the FSU, Benoît Teste. The boss of the CFE-CGC, François Hommeril, makes the same reading: “The minister tells us that the deficits to come are going to be terrifying, and that the only way to face them is to ask employees to work longer".

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