Record export sales for French audiovisual

Posted Sep 4, 2023, 6:50 PMUpdated on Sep 4, 2023 at 7:02 PM

A summit is reached, but the descent seems to begin. Unveiled this Monday during the Rendez-vous d’Unifrance in Biarritz, the annual study from Unifrance and the CNC on the export of French audiovisual programs brings its share of celebrations, but also the first signs of a reversal of the trend.

In 2022, international sales of French audiovisual programs reached an unprecedented level, at 215 million euros, up 15.4% compared to 2021 and 4.7% compared to the 2017 record. Strong demand , supported by the catch-up that followed the health crisis and the recovery of the professional markets, but also the attractiveness of French programs, particularly with platforms, enabled this fine performance.

On the fiction side, the total reached its highest historical level in 2022 with 81 million euros in sales (+40.9% compared to 2021). Fiction becomes the first genre to export, a fact unheard of since 1999 and the establishment of these statistics. “HPI”,” Marie Antoinette “ or “Chair Tendre” acted as the spearhead of French know-how, as did the safe bets that constitute detective series, such as “Tandem” or “Tropiques Criminels”.

Market caution

The documentary is also bouncing back, after a difficult 2021 financial year (+32.1% over one year, to 49 million euros in 2022) marked by delivery delays linked to the health crisis. THE animation sales, they fell for the second consecutive year, to €57.6 million in 2022 (-5.3% compared to 2021), confirming a downward cycle.

Signs of market fatigue are appearing. This is evidenced by the sharp drop in foreign presales (-50.3% compared to 2021) and co-production contributions (-38.4% compared to 2021), after a year 2021 at its peak, according to the CNC press release and from Unifrance. “There is more caution on the part of platforms and channels,” noted Randall Broman, head of international distribution at Mediawan Rights, during the Unifrance and CNC press conference.

Considering sales, pre-sales and co-production contributions, the overall amount of exports of French audiovisual programs decreased by 15% compared to the record year of 2021, to reach 320 million euros.

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