Record heat, return of the government and Medina: the information to remember this afternoon

The info not to miss

This night, the temperatures have gone down a bit. According to Météo France, the lowest was recorded between 19 and 24 ° C inland, and between 24 and 30 ° C on the coast. But the mercury should still climb in certain departments this Wednesday, while 19 departments are placed in red vigilance and 37 in orange. In the morning, temperatures quickly crossed the 30°C mark in the south of France, with 37°C in Perpignan and 35°C in Salon-de-Provence.

A new record of heat was established on Tuesday for the end of summer in France, according to Météo France, with a national thermal indicator of 27.1°C. This value has only been reached or exceeded 24 times in France since 1947, mainly over the past 20 years, and never so late, specifies the institute. The 42°C mark has been exceeded in several departments in the south of France, such as Gard and Aude.

What else to remember

  • There back to school of the government. Emmanuel Macron finds the Council of Ministers this morning as the subjects of concern accumulate: climate emergency, crisis in the health system, rising fuel prices, situation in the suburbs… A return to school under pressure for Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne who must dial after renewed lip service last July. Guest of France Bleu this afternoon, she ured that he was not “no question” of increasing “household taxes”.
  • Medina emerges from the silence. Accused of anti-Semitism after a tweet targeting essayist Rachel Khan, the rapper Medina, invited to the summer school of Europe Ecology Les Verts this Thursday in Le Havre, breaks the silence while his presence divides within the party itself. In an interview granted to Le Parisien, the artist returns to this media “runaway” which earned him many reviews.
  • Murder at the Bayonne festivities: a suspect arrested. The respondent, a 26-year-old man arrested this Wednesday morning in Tarbes, would correspond to the robot portrait released by the police after the attack on a 46-year-old man on the first evening of the Bayonne holidays, at the end of July. According to the Bayonne prosecutor’s office, the three attackers are in their twenties.

it concerns you

Since a new refund procedure was put in place on March 1, more and more restaurateurs are refusing the paper restaurant ticket, which nevertheless represents 40% of the tickets issued. For some, like Franco and Sandrine Zito, owners of a restaurant, “it has become too heavy to manage”. The couple are very annoyed with their customers who use these notebooks partly paid for by their company for lunch: “For some, it’s the only means of payment possible. If they didn’t have that, they would never go to a restaurant. »

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