“Red and white suit you really well”, when Thierry Henry rooms Harry Kane before the Arsenal-Tottenham derby

THE SPORT SCAN – Ahead of the north London clash scheduled for Sunday, the Gunners legend teased the former Spurs striker, who now plays for Bayern Munich with a very particular color of jersey.

Thierry Henry is still as teasing as ever. Champions League consultant on the set of the American channel CBS Sports on Wednesday evening, the new Bleuets coach did not fail to tickle Harry Kane following the spectacular victory of Bayern Munich against Manchester United (4-3). The English striker, a penalty scorer, was confused about his new jersey color for the Bavarians, similar to that of Arsenal, historic rival of his former club Tottenham.

Harry it’s Thierry, congratulations first of all, the 1998 world champion said hilariously. I have a question for you but first I would like to tell you something: red and white suits you really well. Sorry, I had to say it.» A few words that made Kane smile, also teased in German by Jamie Carragher, a language he does not understand (yet).

Kane calm for Tottenham

Sunday afternoon (3 p.m.), the Gunners dear to Henry host the Spurs for a boiling “North London derby” at the top of the Premier League table. A match obviously eagerly awaited by both men. “I have one more for you, added “Titi”. You know what’s happening this weekend, I know you know, don’t pretend you don’t know. Who will win?“.

“Tottenham of course, Kane replied without hesitation. We have started the season well (Tottenham are 2nd with 13 points, like Arsenal), it should be a great match. I’ll send you a message after the match.» “OK, we’ll talk about it, we’ll seeHenry concluded. Very good match and all the best for the rest of the season.”

Now at Bayern Munich, the captain of the English selection will play against Bochum on Saturday (3:30 p.m.) before, undoubtedly, settling into the sofa the next day ahead of the Arsenal-Tottenham derby. With a little thought for Thierry Henry.

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