Rédoine, Rachid and Brahim, three shades of Faïd in the face of justice

Rachid, Brahim, Rédoine. The last time the three Faïd brothers, fourth, fifth and tenth children of a family of eleven, found themselves in the same place, it was more than five years ago, on 1er July 2018, in the visiting room of the Réau detention center (Seine-et-Marne). That day, Brahim came, as he did three times a week, to visit Rédoine, incarcerated in this prison since November 2017 after various robberies and a first escape. Rachid had arrived in a hooded helicopter, and had interrupted this visit to free Rédoine with a grinder.

Since the opening, Tuesday September 5, of their trial before the Paris ize Court, Rédoine, 51 years old, and Rachid, 65 years old, who have just ped ten years respectively, interspersed with three months on the run following the escape which occupied the court, and five years in strict isolation, talk to each other, smile, touch each other in the accused box. Brahim, 63, who appears free under judicial supervision, exchanges glances with his two brothers from the benches opposite. The three are clearly happy to see each other again. Rachid and Brahim would, however, have reason to be angry with Rédoine: it is because of him that they find themselves in this mess.

There is no sign of resentment among them. Rédoine has “abused me during the escape”, “I didn’t know the misdeeds he was going to commit”but “I forgot, it’s okay, I forgive”, said Brahim soberly. Rachid, too, refused to overwhelm his little robber brother, whom he had taken care of at the family home in Creil (Oise) after their father left for Algeria and the death of their mother shortly after, two episodes which left Rédoine an orphan at 18 years old. “Our siblings, despite everything that happened, always held on. There was a failure. If I had done my job correctly…Rachid almost apologized from the box. Maybe I missed something. »

“Honest workers”

Three brothers together at the izes, a rarity: the escape of Rédoine Faïd was a family affair, especially since three of their nephews – Ishaac and Karoune Herizi, and Liazid Faïd – are also judged for their more or less important role in the case, the first being accused of having been a member of the helicopter commando, the other two of having searched for vehicles or weapons to carry out the project. “We were a large, close-knit, united familysaid Rédoine. My family is the foundation of my life. » The investigators spoke of a “clan”a term which was repeated at the hearing and made those concerned jump.

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