Referendum, social conference, Sahel… what Macron’s letter to party leaders says

The letter was expected for days. It was finally sent on Thursday. In his missive sent to party leaders that Le Parisien was able to consult, Emmanuel Macron returns to the various exchanges he had with party leaders in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) on August 30.

“All the political forces present will be ociated with all the initiatives that will result from our exchanges”, ures the Head of State in his introductory remarks. Three main axes crossed the discussions: a debate on international issues, another on democratic life and finally a time of exchange on the cohesion of the Nation.

A response from the parties expected by “Sunday evening”

The President of the Republic thus asks the party leaders for a return by Sunday evening on the proposals he has made. Enough to give “a concrete follow-up” to the exchanges, before a new meeting “in the fall”, he promises.

On the subject of the war in Ukraine, it is emphasized from the outset that “unanimous support and clear condemnation of Russian aggression emerged from our discussions”. In addition, a parliamentary debate must take place in the coming weeks on the situation in the Sahel, as well as “the new partnership” that France wants to undertake with Africa. This type of debate can be held “whenever the news justifies it”, insists Emmanuel Macron.

No “consensus” on the referendum

With regard to the democratic functioning of the institutions, several participants in the meeting mentioned their wish for greater deconcentration of State services, which is currently not permitted by the Constitution. Emmanuel Macron specifies that he asked Élisabeth Borne to submit to him “concrete decisions to be taken within a month”. This will be discussed with the party leaders at a future meeting.

On the other hand, the discussion which took place on the subject of the referendum “did not lead to the emergence of a consensus”, indicates the letter, the various parties not being in agreement among themselves on the direction which a possible modification of the the Constitution on the matter. The next exchanges must also return to the subject, the president announcing that he would make a “proposal in the coming weeks”.

Integration and a social conference also on the program

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Housing must also launch, at the request of Emmanuel Macron, a “workshop” on issues related to integration, on the subject of housing and the policy of distribution of newcomers to French territory.

Finally, Emmanuel Macron announces the holding of a “social conference relating to the question of the branches where the remuneration is lower than the minimum wage” in October between the social partners. This will be opened by Élisabeth Borne and Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labour, in “concerted terms with the social partners”.

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