Refinery of Donges: the strike renewed for a week after the use of 49.3

The fight hardens on the front of the dispute in the field of energy. Refinery workers Total Energies of Donges (Loire-Atlantique) have decided to continue their strike against government pension reformstarted on March 7, for an additional week, we learned from the unions on Friday.

The employees decided to “continue the movement until Friday, March 24. Since March 7 already, not a single drop of fuel has come out of the Donges refinery,” declared Fabien Privé Saint-Lanne, CGT union delegate, at the end of a general embly which brought together several dozen employees.

“The SFDM, the oil depot adjacent to the refinery, has also been on renewable strike since yesterday (…) so clearly, the mobilization is increasing and the movement is hardening”, continued Mr. Privé Saint-Lanne.

“Rogue Law”

The representative of the CGT-CFDT-FO inter-union called on President Macron to withdraw “this rogue law after the denial of democracy that the use of 49-3 constituted”, ensuring that “the employees of this country in their together have no choice but to struggle and fight, otherwise tomorrow it will be working time, paid holidays and the right to strike which will undoubtedly be called into question”.

“I think the 49.3 has invigorated the troops a little bit. Unfortunately, this use also comes to crystallize the anger, the tensions ”, for his part analyzed Adrien Vaugrenard, CFDT union representative, at the end of the general embly.

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