Regions of the islands and the South Zone of Porto Alegre are at risk of flooding

Residents of the regions of the islands of Pavão, Grande dos Marinheiros, Flores and Pintada, and of the South and Extreme South Zone of Porto Alegre, need to be alert to the possibility of flooding due to the large volumes of water flowing from the Jacuí/Taquari system and which could contribute to Guaíba level rise. The Civil Defense of Porto Alegre informed that the weather event could start this Wednesday (6) and extend until Saturday (9).

Due to the possibility of flooding, the Civil Defense will be working with 11 agents who will work 24 hours a day. This Wednesday, the Guaíba level measurement at Cais Mauá was 1.97 meters. The agency’s press office explains that the flood warning is given when the Guaíba reaches 3 meters.

The communiqué for the Islands region, for the South Zone and for the Extreme South is preventive, and follows the alert of the Civil Defense of Rio Grande do Sul. The Permanent Commission for Emergency Action (Copae), made up of several municipal and state bodies, monitors weather forecast updates. In addition, actions and mobilization of teams are being organized to serve the population.

Civil Defense advises that the population avoid transiting on the street during the alert period and must shelter in a safe place. In case of people who live in real estate in risk areas subject to flooding, the ideal is to seek help and temporary shelter together with family members or in the structures provided by the city of Porto Alegre. In addition, people should avoid circulating in areas subject to flooding or flooding and avoid getting into floods.

The Civil Defense of Porto Alegre provided in case of emergency the telephones 199 and 193 of the Military Fire Department.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the rain may return to Porto Alegre on Thursday (7)and temperatures over the next three days should vary between a minimum of 10°C and a maximum of 23°C.

The Civil Defense of Porto Alegre informed which carries out daily surveys on the islands of Pavão, Flores, Grande dos Marinheiros and Pintada because they are regions at risk of flooding. As there is a possibility of flooding in the Archipelago region, the teams go to the site more than once a day. In addition to the South Zone and the Extreme South of the Capital, the entire region that belongs to Porto Alegre of the Archipelago is monitored by the Civil Defense.

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