Régis Le Bris (Lorient) after the draw in Nice: “We had a seventh match”

Régis Le Bris (Lorient) after the draw in Nice: “We had a seventh match”

“You led against a direct opponent before suffering a long time in the second half. How do you welcome this point taken in Nice (1-1) ?
I retain the satisfaction of having respected the ambition we had in the game. We knew that control of the ball would be a key point in the match to avoid giving too much ammunition to the opponent, who has a capacity to very interesting projection. This possession allowed us to be able to move forward on the field and I would say that the small disappointment of the first half was undoubtedly not having believed in it enough in the last thirty meters to be more incisive. Nice changed their system in the second half and our adaptation was correct but on the way, they took more risks and that’s where we should have been more solid in our transitions. If we can’t do it, inevitably, it gives the opponent more chances to believe it a little more.

You played very low in the second half. Was it done knowingly?
No, we suffered the balance of power. The opponent has such mastery of the ball, an ability to play on the sides, to suffocate us at loss. By multiplying the chances, they equalize logically.

“I have not seen any of the actions. I trust the referees.

So it makes sense to split the points?
That’s really a good point. We had a seventh match in L1 (in reality his team is 8th, only beaten on goal difference by Nice). That, few people would have said at the start of the season that we can compete on the 28th day with a team that is looking to play Europe and that we play this type of match at home, by causing them a lot of problems. This is the story of the progression of our team culture: the last 30 meters. This is the most difficult part, where you need the finest benchmarks and we don’t have them yet. We are not very far from having them but it will still take a little time.

Did the refereeing decisions weigh on the scenario of the meeting?
I have not seen any of the actions (disputed). I trust the referees. I hope they made the right decisions. »

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