Regulated payroll for OM announces the DNCG

The DNCG, the body responsible for monitoring the accounts of French professional clubs, has announced the supervision of OM’s payroll.

The DNCG, the body responsible for monitoring the accounts of French professional clubs, announced on Wednesday the “payroll management» of Olympique de Marseille, whose movements during the transfer window will therefore be monitored.

In its press release, the DNCG mentions a “supervision of the payroll in the revised budget presented by the club“. OM have in fact presented a revised budget since the one drawn up before the summer, taking into account in particular the non-qualification of the club for the group stage of the Champions League. In the process, OM published a press release ensuring that it welcomed the DNCG’s decision without particular concern.

The management of OM presented a budget that complies with the strictest management rules and which is part of the financial sustainability of the club advocated by the President of the Management Board, Pablo Longoria», Wrote OM. “The financial regulator appreciated this presentation and unreservedly validated the club’s forecasts, thus allowing the management team to calmly continue the transformation of the club while respecting the budgetary framework.“, he added, referring to a “trust» between the club and the DNCG.

According to a source within the club, this payroll control certainly places OM under surveillance, but will not prevent it from being active if it wishes during the winter transfer window.

While OM is in difficulty in the championship (12th with a game in hand), movements are likely, especially as several players are expected to leave for the Africa Cup of Nations. During the 2021-2022 season, OM had already been subject by the DNCG to supervision of its “payroll and transfer compensation“. Since June 2022 and the lifting of this surveillance measure, the DNCG has always given the green light to OM.

Even if they remain in the red (losses of 31 million euros according to the latest figures published by the DNCG), OM’s accounts have been improving for several seasons. President Pablo Longoria hopes to reduce the deficit to around 12 million euros at the end of the season.

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