reinforced surveillance of the Seine with dedicated teams

The Seine is the subject of all attention in view of the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.

After the pollution of the Seine caused at the end of August by the malfunction of a valve in the Parisian sanitation network, the river will be monitored even more closely, in particular its sanitation networks but also the connections of boats and barges, announced the Paris town hall and the Ile-de-France prefecture (Prif) on Tuesday in a press release.

This pollution prevented pre-Olympic triathlon test events from being held in August. “The progress of the tests underlined the need to strengthen monitoring, control and alert systems to limit any risk of unexpected discharge into the Seine in dry weather.», They wrote after a meeting on the summer pre-Olympic test events. The valve at the Tolbiac water treatment plant was “damaged during storms” And “became fugitive», Confirmed the incident report carried out by the services of the city of Paris.


Ten months before the Olympics and to prevent this type of incident, the authorities (State, town hall, Prif, departments of Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne, waterways of France, Haropa Port, etc.) have decided of “strengthen the monitoring of sanitation networks in Paris and upstream» (“storm overflows“, “outlets from Siapp factories (Paris region sanitation)“, “emergency pumping installations“).

But also to look at other potential sources of pollution, “by mobilizing stakeholders present on the river and in the immediate vicinity”, such as boat connections or “the evacuation systems of establishments open to the public along the Seine” and the “sanitary facilities at the edge of the quay“. Teams dedicated to monitoring and capable of intervening in the event of a pollution release will also be set up.

The organizers of the Paris Olympics faced serious disappointments this summer during these test events. Before the cancellation of the two triathlon events (para and mixed), these are the open water swimming events which had to be canceled due to pollution caused by an unusual summer rain episode. These competitions in the Seine are preludes to future swimming promised for 2025 by the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo (PS), on three sites, while swimming has been prohibited there since 1923.

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