Relaxed by Éric Dupond-Moretti: LFI calls for the abolition of the CJR, the majority relieved

LFI castigates a “biased” system, the majority expresses their relief. The deputies of the LFI group called on Wednesday for the abolition of the Court of Justice of the Republic, “systematically biased inter-jurisdiction”, immediately after the announcement of the acquittal of Minister of Justice Éric Dupond-Moretti, tried for illegal taking of interests. While their opponents welcomed the court’s decision.

“While the trial relentlessly demonstrated his guilt, a majority of parliamentary judges chose to acquit him,” denounced the LFI deputies in a press release, urging to “remove this systematically biased internal jurisdiction.” “.

The jury was made up of three professional magistrates and 12 parliamentarians from all sides, including LFI deputy Danièle Obono.

It is “a gesture of honor to the idea of ​​justice”, added LFI deputy Ugo Bernalicis to the press at the National embly, proof according to him that the CJR “serves no purpose other than to exonerate ministers” . He asked the prosecution to “seize the Court of Cation”, the only avenue of appeal, due to the lack of an appeal procedure before this jurisdiction.

Questioned by AFP, Jean-Luc Mélenchon soberly commented: “He has a good lawyer”, while the Minister of Justice was defended by Jacqueline Laffont and Rémi Lorrain, two tenors of the Parisian bar.

The majority rejoiced

Conversely, several figures from the majority welcomed the CJR’s decision. “Here is his honor cleared: he will emerge stronger (and) his place in government remains intact,” considered the boss of the Macronist senators, François Patriat.

MoDem MP Bruno Millienne welcomed that “justice (has) been done”, welcoming “very good news for the country and for the functioning of our institutions”. His colleague Mathieu Lefèvre (Renaissance) said he was “more than ever alongside” Éric Dupond-Moretti “to continue to modernize justice in our country and strengthen the criminal response”.

At the RN, spokesperson Thomas Ménage said “respect this decision”. But Éric Dupond-Moretti “is still politically guilty of the situation of insecurity in the country, of the laxity,” he declared. He “should leave his place to a minister who really wants to fight against insecurity, to put in place a policy of firmness in criminal matters”.

“Parliamentarians judging a minister, this reflects the image of inter-personality,” said Arthur Delaporte, spokesperson for the PS deputies, estimating that “Éric Dupond-Moretti should have resigned from its functions”.

The boss of the environmentalist deputies, Cyrielle Chatelain, also pointed out “the fact that politicians can judge another politician”: “There is always the suspicion that (…) the acquittal would be due to interests other than that of doing justice” .

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