relive Scotland's win over Ukraine

It was a match for the first place. Faced with his runner-up, who has only one point less in the standings, the Ukrainians could, in the event of victory, take another step towards promotion to League A for the next edition. The Scots, they could overtake their evening opponent in the standings.

The first opportunity comes quite early in the game and it is Scottish. Adams mystifies the defender on the left side, strikes from the right but it is in the gloves of the Ukrainian goalkeeper (10e). McTominay's teammates don't stop there and will push repeatedly. Christie crosses hard on the ground from the right to the left. The ball passes in front of Adams but the latter is too short to recover it (13e).

At the 18th minute, McGinn places a nice header, after a good cross from the right to the left, but it misses. Five minutes later, Armstrong wraps a nice shot in the area but fortunately Trubin is on the trajectory (23e). The Ukrainians try to react but get no big chance. Just before halftime, the Ukrainian defender Bondar is logically warned after an obstruction on Adams which could have been worth a red. The score is zero and goalless at the break. To note the sad exit on stretcher of Patterson, replaced by Hickey.

A one-sided second half

Returning from the locker room, the Scots remain on the same dynamic. Thanks to a very high pressing, the Scottish recover the ball. Armstrong strikes but it is in the gloves of the Ukrainian goalkeeper Trubin (58th). Ukrainians are suffering more and more. McTominay finds Armstrong with a splendid heel in the area and faces the goalkeeper on the right but shoots well above (61st). And Adams will even have a double chance. He will find the crossbar on a first cross, then on a similar action, he will come up against Trublin, heroic on his line.

But Ukraine will eventually give in. In the box, McGinn uses his physicality to dismiss a defender and turn around. He is in front of the cages and crosses his shot from the left to deceive, finally, Trubin. The Scots confirm their domination with Dykes who doubles the bet. On a corner, the striker places an unstoppable header for the unfortunate Trubin. Bis repeated a few minutes later. On a new corner, Dykes is once again alone and heads the ball into the side netting. 3-0. Ukraine is sounded.

The score will not move until the end of the match. Scotland won quietly and took control of Group 1 of League B of the League of Nations.

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