Remains to be borne by mutual insurance companies… the Minister of Health does not want to make the French “lose purchasing power”

Aurélien Rousseau, Minister of Health. POOL / REUTERS

If mutuals plan to increase their prices by 8 to 10% next year, for Aurélien Rousseau, “it is not tenable”.

Today, the French are concerned about purchasing power», recognizes this Sunday the Minister of Health, Aurélien Rousseau, guest on France 3. This is why he seeks to reure them about a possible increase in the price of boxes of medicine. In The Parisian, Bruno Le Maire affirmed on Saturday that he wanted “move to one euro» the franchise, created by Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008 and which has since risen to 50 cents per box.

If Aurélien Rousseau mentioned in September “probably a doubling» of this deductible, he then wanted a ceiling to be maintained at 50 euros per year per insured. This Sunday, he recalls that this choice “has not yet been arbitrated» and that he will discuss it «in the next weeks“. According to his calculations, the increase in the deductible would represent 17 euros per year and per person. “No, health will not cost more for our fellow citizens“, he ured.

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The rise in mutual prices, “it’s not sustainable”

The Minister of Health also mentioned the price increases planned by mutual insurance companies next year, of around 8 to 10%. “This is not sustainable“, he said. If he sees the mutual groups “in a few days», Aurélien Rousseau would rather accept an increase contained between 4 and 6%, far from the 10% desired by companies. “It is not possible“, he added, “this must not cause a loss of purchasing power” to the French.

Concerning the shortages of medicines, the minister made a point of recalling “that we have stocks on national soil but that there is deregulation with stocks that are not in the right place“. “Last year, there were real shortages so, rationally, each player stocked up at their own level.“, explained Aurélien Rousseau. But he recalls that “no one should stock up» to avoid supply tensions which cause shortages. Among the concerned are:those with innovative molecules» and not the generic ones. “It’s getting better“, he tried to reure. The Minister of Health is now waiting to see how the situation develops.within ten days“.

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