Renting children’s furniture is possible!

FIGARO DEMAIN – Camif has just launched this circular economy service. Will it compete with second hand?

THE second hand market Does he have anything to worry about? Camif Locationan online furniture offering for children launched in April, generated 20,000 visits to the website. the furniture company and 75% of its customers say they are ready to test it. Simplicity is its watchword: the service includes delivery, embly and collection of furniture.

The monthly price ranges from 29 euros for baby bedding to 69 euros for a child’s bedroom, or from 348 to 828 euros per year. The offer is advantageous when you separates from furniture at least two to three years later, the company estimates. If subscribing to the service involves a one-year commitment, tenants for at least 26 months will be able to return or purchase this furniture for 5% of their initial value.

It front of online resale platforms on which all types of furniture flock, this service raises some questions as to its real added value. “We are banking on the fact that it is new furniture and made in France,” defends Emery Jacquillat, CEO of the company.

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Positive carbon footprint

Because the greenhouse gas emissions from a rental child’s bed, used successively by four families over twenty years, with refurbishment between each, represent 55.4 kilos of equivalent CO2 per household, or 40% less than on sale. The same bed made in China, would pollute four times more per child.

This initiative “experimental » is currently not “the success of the century” but Camif is targeting 300 customers. This bet, possible in particular “thanks to our buyout by MAIF in 2021», explains its CEO, is based on an economic model which suffers from heavy logistical constraints. Ultimately, Camif hopes to be able to find an economically viable strategy.

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