Republicans propose shared initiative referendum on immigration

Ulcerated after censorship, by the Constitutional Councilseveral of their measures included in theth “immigration” bill »Republican leaders responded on Monday, February 12, by proposing a shared initiative referendum (RIP).

“It is now a matter of giving voice to the French people so that they can decide directly by referendum” on immigration, erts the right in its explanatory memorandum, confirming information posted online on the website of Figaro. The RIP that the right wants provides for five measures, including the conditionality of non-contributory social benefits – a measure censored in January by the Constitutional Council –, or the transformation of State medical aid (AME) into medical aid. emergency.

During his general policy speech at the end of January, the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, announced that he would choose the regulatory and non-legislative path to carry out a reform of the AME, contrary to the promise made by his predecessor, Elisabeth Borne , to the leaders of the Republicans. The president of the party, Eric Ciotti, then deplored “a form of betrayal of the word given”.

In their RIP, the LRs also wish to return to the price reductions on transport tickets to which undocumented people are entitled, the impossibility, for a person whose right to asylum has been rejected, to have access to accommodation under the national system. reception centers, or the inclusion of temporary accommodation centers and those for asylum seekers in the count of social housing in municipalities.

Obstacle course

But, before reaching a referendum, the process resembles a long obstacle course for the Republicans. This procedure has never been successful since its inclusion in the Constitution in 2008. This text must first collect the signatures of 185 parliamentarians – which should be possible thanks to the 132 senators of the LR group and to the 62 LR deputies –, before being validated within one month by the Constitutional Council.

The LRs believe that their retained proposals fall well within the referendum domain, ensuring that they “relieves[nt] of the notion of reform relating to the social policy of the nation within the meaning of the first paragraph of article 11 of the Constitution”. It will then be necessary to obtain the support of 10% of the electorate, or nearly five million people, in nine months before the French can possibly decide within the framework of this RIP. “It is an offensive that is legal, political and democratic at the same time”ured Eric Ciotti to the Figaro.

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