Residents of Morocco are afraid to return home after a powerful earthquake

More than 2,000 people became victims of the earthquake in Morocco, according to the latest data from the country’s Ministry of the Interior. The exact number of dead is 2012. More than 2050 people were injured. A three-day mourning was announced.

The current earthquake, which occurred late at night on Friday, became the most powerful in the country in more than half a century. At the same time, it is noted that similar natural disasters occur relatively rarely in North Africa.

The magnitude of shocks was at least 6.8. The epicenter, according to various reports, was located at a depth of 11 to 18 kilometers in the Atlas Mountains.

According to experts, the death toll may increase, as rescuers cannot yet reach hard-to-reach areas. King Mohammed VI of Morocco mobilized army search and rescue teams to search for survivors. Helicopters and drones are involved.

In many parts of Morocco, people have been spending the night on the streets since Friday, fearing to return to their homes. This is especially noticeable in one of the country’s largest cities, Marrakesh, which is located approximately 70 kilometers northeast of the epicenter. Someone says that they are afraid of repeated aftershocks, others believe that the earthquake seriously damaged their home, and now it is unsafe to be there.

As Reuters writes, in Marrakech, the earthquake caused destruction in the historic medina – the old part of the city, popular with both local and foreign tourists. On Saturday, people wandered around the medina, taking photos of the destroyed medina. At the same time, popular restaurants still operated there.

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