Retirement: the mobilization map confirms the success of March 7

Retirement: the mobilization map confirms the success of March 7

A record mobilization, a “historic” day, a coup de force… Reading the press, in the mouths of political representatives or unions, there is no shortage of qualifiers to underline the success of Tuesday’s strikes and demonstrations against the reform retirements. Across the country, the police counted 1.28 million demonstrators and the CGT, 3.5 million.

In many cities, mobilization has increased significantly this Tuesday, March 7 compared to the previous mobilization. Reims thus saw the size of the processions multiplied by more than seven: while the police had counted 1,000 demonstrators on March 16, they were, from the same source, on Tuesday, more than 7,500. Note that the unions have counted 10,000 people.

Other cities have also seen a very significant resurgence of mobilization. This is the case in Nantes and Marseille, where the police estimated that 30,000 people had beat the pavement , four times more than on March 16. Note that in Marseille, there is a strong divergence between the prefecture and the unions, the latter having counted more than 240,000 demonstrators on Tuesday.

As during previous mobilizations, we see in the regions a large number of events . Some small towns have seen their streets filled with opponents of pension reform, beyond the prefectures where the main processions are usually found. We can cite Lannion (7,200 demonstrators, according to the police), Pontivy (6,500), Roanne (6,200), Alès (5,500) or Douai (4,000).

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