Retirements: 64 years old, early departures… the first decrees published in the Official Journal

This is a new step in the legislative calendar for pension reform. Two first implementing decrees for the pension reform were published this Sunday in the Official Journalincluding the one gradually increasing legal age 62 to 64the most controversial measure in the text.

The decrees published set out the terms of application of Articles 10, 11 and 17 of the amended social security financing law for 2023 “relating, on the one hand, to the gradual increase in the age of opening pension rights from 62 to 64 years old and to the acceleration of the rate of increase in the duration of insurance required for the full rate, and, on the other hand, to early departures, in particular when it comes to long careers and under disability”, explains the government in a press release.

Long careers

In particular, the provisions relating to the “active categories” of the public service (firefighters, police officers, air traffic controllers, etc.), who can always leave before the age of 64 but whose legal age of departure will also be raised, and to early departures for people who started working early and contributed the required 43 years.

For long careers, the system “now provides for four age limits for entry into the system (16 years, 18 years, 20 years and 21 years), allowing early retirement according to four age limits for the opening of pension rights (respectively 58 years, 60 years, 62 years and 63 years)”, indicates the press release.

Effects this summer

These two decrees are the first of 31 implementing texts which must be published before September 1st so that the reform can be implemented on time. “From July, there will be pensions which will be calculated according to the new rules”, indicated on May 31 the director general of the National old-age insurance fund (Cnav), Renaud Villard.

The publication of these decrees also occurs two days before the 14th day of action against pension reform Tuesday, June 6, at the call of the inter-union, for whom the decline in the legal age to 64 is the main red line.

The National embly must also examine on June 8 a bill repealing the reform, on the initiative of the independent group Liot. The text was emptied of its substance in committee, but will give rise to new pes of arms during its examination in session.

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