Retirements, SVB and collapse of the stock markets, storms: the information to remember this afternoon

The info not to miss

A few days before a decisive vote in the National embly on the still controversial pension reform, the executive insists on its desire not to want to trigger article 49.3. “We have the conditions so that we don’t lack votes”, ured Olivier Véran this Monday on LCI. The government spokesman showed optimism: “A text widely voted on in the Senate is intended to be adopted by both chambers”, he defended, while acknowledging that some votes from the Renaissance group were missing from the ‘call.

Besides, what is the exact program for this text this week? Depending on the scenarios, the bill would be ped or rejected between Wednesday and Saturday, while motions of no confidence could prolong the suspense. A scenario also provides for an extension of the debates until March 26 at the latest.

What to remember too

it concerns you

It will enable approximately 5.8 million households to cover part of their electricity, gas, wood and fuel oil expenses. The 2023 energy check will be paid “from April 21”, announced on Monday the Minister for Energy Transition Agnès Pannier-Runacher on RMC. “It covers an amount ranging from 48 to around 200 euros depending on your level of income,” said the minister, about this aid paid each spring, since 2018.

In addition, and also subject to resources, a fuel check of 100 to 200 euros, aid of 50 to 200 euros for those heating with wood and a fuel allowance of 100 euros have also been announced since the end of 2022.

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