return to his cult moments on TV, 30 years after his death

VIDEOS – The leading host of “A Golden Family” died on February 18, 1993 at the age of 40. Le Figaro offers you an anthology of the highlights of his career.

He marked the television of the 80s and 90s. On February 18, 1993, a lightning cancer took away Patrick Roy, emblematic figure of TF1. The French especially remember her brown locks and her dazzling smile in “Le Juste Prix” or “Une famille en or”. In fact, the host’s birth name was Boyard. But when he arrived at RMC in 1977, the radio had preferred to modify it so as not to create an amalgam with the eponymous cigarettes. “It was at the time of the galette des rois» that his new name has been chosen, told his father. Le Figaro looks back at the five TV moments that marked the career of Patrick Roy.

Patrick Sébastien’s hoax

A few months before his death, in December 1992, Patrick Roy offered a cult sequence to his viewers on the set of “Une famille en or”, a program he has hosted on TF1 since 1990 and which he is the first to embody. As he receives the Bensoussan family, Patrick Roy introduces Françoise and her husband Michel, from the opposing family: the Delaroches. Françoise, dental istant, compliments the host’s smile.

The first question comes up. “What can a great seducer have in large quantities?Michael responds. “Chicks, girls, women what!“, he launches. Something to make the embly laugh and above all win the round. After two bad answers from the Delaroche family, Françoise tries to catch up: “Condoms“. What makes the public and Patrick Roy laugh again. But Michel, he is not really having fun. “You’re saying nonsense. You make me look like a fool”, he said to his wife. Before pretending to leave the set. “But no, she’s not making you look like a fool, Michel, by saying that“, tempers Patrick Roy. “Anyway, I didn’t want to come. In addition you tell him that he has beautiful teeth”, continues the candidate. “But Michel, aren’t you going to be jealous?“replies the facilitator. Michael gets annoyed: “Do you know where I know you from? I saw you at RMC with Patrick Sébastien. Do you know him Sebastian?he asks the host, who replies “Yes“. “No, you would have recognized me!concludes Michel, before removing his false teeth and his gles. A TV moment which will then be broadcast in “Le Grand bluff”, a program in which Patrick Sébastien trapped stars.

His car in the window of the “Just Price”

This is another cult program which was presented by Patrick Roy: “Le Juste Prix”, always on the front page. Among the many sequences of the program, there is a production joke that is worth bringing back to the fore. When discovering the showcase, the host explains to a candidate what awaits her: “We have a nice car to offer you, let’s look at it together.Suddenly, Patrick Roy’s eyes widen, walks towards the vehicle smiling, and even forgets to speak into his microphone. “Hey, you know what they just did to me?he blurted out laughing. Incredible, they are mad… It’s my car!»

“Mad successes”, laughter and song

Entertainment, nothing but entertainment. Patrick Roy liked to make viewers smile. So, in 1990, he presented the variety show “Succès Fous” at the start of the evening, with Philippe Risoli and Christian Morin. Between sketches and songs, the set becomes a real theater stage, with ever more surprising costumes and sets.

Philippe Roy (almost) in the arena

Patrick Roy also left the Parisian studios to meet the French. In 1991, he crossed the country to host the famous cow show “Intervilles”, alongside Guy Lux, Denise Fabre, Simone Garnier, Pascal Brunner and Claude Savarit. In a clash of Vichy against Épinal, Patrick Roy commented in particular on the test of the “wall of champions”, which consists of climbing a wall with the strength of the arms. A host who really won over all audiences.

One of his first TV appearances

Some will find it hard to recognize him under his large curls, but the tone of voice is the same. In 1978, on Melody Variétés, Patrick Roy presented the musical program “Top club”, alongside Guy Lux and Sophie Darel. Already a first pion for varieties, therefore.

Bonus: his song I want it all

It’s not a TV moment, but it remains an important part of Patrick Roy’s career. Because if the host presented several musical programs, in 1985, he in turn tried his luck in the industry with his title I want it all. His words would make more than one smile today:Caress, love and little kisses on the neck», «See you under the moon and crazy kisses», «Declaration, tenderness, a few sweet words», «Sun body to body without sleep“. With, of course, a small reference to screens: “It’s going in Technicolor, sounding even louder“. Difficult to find the trace of a clip, but just listening to the piece, it revives good memories.

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