Revolutionary batteries for planes, helicopters and “flying taxis”

Florence Robin, founding CEO of the French start-up Limatech, in her laboratories with her teams. Limatech

DECRYPTION – The start-up Limatech is building its first factory, near Grenoble, where it will launch the production of pre-series at the end of 2023. It aims for a capacity of 30,000 units per year by 2028.

Revolutionary batteries for starting aircraft and helicopter engines. An injection of power necessary to take off. After having certified its iron-phosphate-lithium in March 2023, the French aeronautical start-up Limatech is moving to the industrialization of its so-called high-voltage batteries. The young shoot begins, this Tuesday, May 16, the construction work of its first factory in France.

The site, located in Voreppe, near Grenoble, should start manufacturing the pre-series at the end of 2023 and then ramp up in 2024.We will gradually increase production by opening three production lines by 2025, to reach a rate of 30,000 batteries per year by 2028, then a rate of 3,500 batteries per day by 2030“, specifies Florence Robin, CEO of Limatech, which she founded in 2016. The plant should generate the creation of 50 short-term jobs.

We are primarily targeting small and medium-sized aircraft, such as the ATR regional aircraft, Bombardier’s CRJ, Embraer’s Cessna and Daher’s TBM, as well as helicopters. Then the short and medium-haul line aircraft

Florence Robin, CEO of Limatech

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