Reworld launches a new form of Psychologies Magazine, without its initial team

After the title was taken over by Reworld Media in June, only three people remained in the editorial staff out of around fifteen journalists.

Reworld will launch a new version of Psychologies Magazine on Wednesday without its original journalists, almost all of whom have chosen to leave the monthly after its takeover in the spring by the media group, according to information from Correspondence de la presse, confirmed to the press. AFP by several sources. The French publisher (Grazia, Science et Vie, Top Santé, Biba, Marie France etc…) with a sulphurous reputation formalized the acquisition of the Psychologies group in June.

Reworld Media has made a name for itself in recent years through its numerous magazine acquisitions and sometimes controversial methods. Thus, journalists from Science et Vie, in disagreement with their owner, left to create the competitor Epsiloon. Since, “most employees have activated their transfer clause» which allows you to leave a media with compensation when there is a change of ownership, indicated the Correspondence de la presse. According to her, three people remained in the editorial staff on a “fifteen journalists“.

Contacted, the management of Reworld declined to comment. “There’s no one left in writing, it’s so sad“, told AFP a journalist who left the monthly this summer and wishes to remain anonymous. The fears of the editorial staff vis-à-vis the new shareholder, his “managerial methods» and «ethical issuesdenounced by other employees of the group motivated the departures, she added. But the journalists were sufferingFor yearsbefore the arrival of Reworld, said the two sources, citing difficult working conditions and staff reductions decided in 2018 and 2021.

Founded in 1970, the magazine was taken over in the 1990s by Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber, focusing on themes such as personal development. It was bought in 2008 by Lagardère, then in 2014 by 4B Media, a Belgian consortium of which the press publisher Rossel is a member. Retaining most of its headings, the formula launched on Wednesday is intended to be “brighter and more committed“, according to a statement from Reworld, with “new sections focusing on self-esteem, body esteem, the links between appearance and our relationship to others“.

Sales of Psychologies Magazine fell to 156,675 copies in 2021-2022, (-5.14% year on year), according to data from the Alliance for Press and Media Figures (ACPM). Last week, the writing of Gamekulta website specializing in video games acquired by Reworld, announced his resignation, denouncing a context “hostilefor the independence of the press.

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