Rio Grande do Sul forum discusses economic prospects for 2023

Rio Grande do Sul forum discusses economic prospects for 2023

Economic forum brought together the government of Rio Grande do Sul and the private sector to discuss economic perspectives in 2023. The event, at the regional headquarters of the American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham Porto Alegre) on Friday (27), focused on various segments to talk about the economic future of Brazil , Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth prospects, government fiscal spending and interest rates for 2023.

The meeting was attended by the assistant secretary of the Treasury of Rio Grande do Sul, Itanielson Dantas Silveira, the chief economist of the Federation of Agriculture of Rio Grande do Sul (Farsul), Antônio da Luz, the chief economist of Fecomércio-RS , Patrícia Palermo, the former Secretary of Economic Development of the State Joel Maraschin and the assistant secretary of the Municipal Secretary of Education of Porto Alegre, Mario de Lima.

“This event is important for us to understand the market and perspectives and translate it into the reality of companies. We can perceive some important trends, innovation comes as something very strong, artificial intelligence and databases are transforming the market, all of this presents itself as a reason for us to help our associates to build their bridges for the future”, commented Marcelo Borges , Executive Director Amcham Brasil.

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Subsidies presented by economists should help companies’ decisions, says Amcham

“The world has been going through a sequence of crises. With that, the IMF projects that one third of the economies will suffer some kind of recession. We have countries going through the highest inflations of the last 70 years, like Germany. What we can see around the world are the central banks responding with the most potent weapon, the interest rate”, explained Patricia.

Antônio da Luz, Dantas, Maraschin and Lima presented panels talking about the State and its segments and the economy allied to development, with themes such as the fiscal recovery of Rio Grande do Sul, investments and perspectives in the coming years, investment potential, population aging and strengthening education.

“An event of this magnitude is an opportunity for us to align discussions and state, national and international social and political problems. We have an opinion-forming and decision-making public, as well as highly qualified technicians who can clarify and bring light to those who take the big decisions”, highlighted the assistant secretary of Education.

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