Riots after Nahel’s death: Elisabeth Borne promises “several measures” on October 9

Announcements, exactly one month from now. Élisabeth Borne will present on October 9 “several measures” in response to the urban riots which shook France at the beginning of the summer. These announcements will take place during the Interministerial Committee for Cities scheduled for that day, she announced this Friday before the prefects.

“Our response must be global. There are questions of security and public order, of course, but more broadly of respect for authority, integration, education, the fight against precariousness and social diversity,” explained the Prime Minister. by receiving all the prefects at Matignon.

“You held on”

On this subject, “I will have the opportunity to discuss with local stakeholders (…)”, she clarified, hoping that “the multi-annual dimension” of the next city contracts “will be reinforced”. “Despite the intensity of the violence, you held on. By directing the action of the police, you have ensured, everywhere, the rapid return of republican order,” greeted the head of government in front of state representatives.

The Prime Minister had maintained the organization of an Interministerial Committee for Cities on June 30, but which had coincided with a third night of urban violence – After the death of young Nahel, killed by a police officer in Nanterre. The head of government was unable to address long-term issues.

She then promised to “support the reconstruction”, but declared that “the emergency was first and foremost the return to calm and republican order”. This urban violence will also be the subject of reflection within the framework of a National Council for Refoundation (CNR) dedicated, the Élysée announced on Thursday. “The President of the Republic wants work in this format (CNR) with the State, communities, civil society to be organized on the results of the riots,” indicated the presidency.

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